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Samba course in Rio

November 2023

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If I had to say what I love most about studying music, it would be learning new rhythms. I had the honour to participate in a percussion course where we learnt from batteria directors of some of the most renowned samba schools in Rio (Mangueira, Beija-Flor, Imperatriz etc.) It was interesting to discover such a different approach to music where everything is learnt by ear. The leader of each drum section introduces the phrases which are then imitated by the group. 

I also had the incredible opportunity to attend a masterclass by the world renowned pandeiro player Marcos Suzano who showed us just how much groove you could achieve with a single percussion instrument.

On my way back from Brazil, I wrote a piece for string quintet in which I added melody to the typical batucada rhythms.

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