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Music re-imagined

Daphne's mission is to reconnect her audience to the carefree creativity of childhood. Her music provides a canvas for the listener's imagination.

Her innovative tool: Creative listening

Considering the audience as integral to the creative process, Daphne encourages active engagement by introducing the concept of "creative listening". With each project, she offers guiding questions designed to lead the listener on a path of imagination and discovery.

Latest videos

The haunted carousel

Daphne composed the haunted carousel at the age of 16 and was honoured to have it performed at the Wiener Konzerthaus for the 2018 New Year's Eve concert. 

Creative listening:

Where does this story take place?

Who/what are the main characters?

What events are happening throughout the story?

Dancing on ice

Dancing on ice is the first video project Daphne directed and produced. The two dancers (modern and breakdancer) perform a choreography based on a violin duet that she composed at the age of 17.

Creative listening:

What is the relationship between the two dancers and how does it evolve throughout the video?

Where else could you imagine them dancing?


Growing up in the Swiss Alps, the musical inspiration of 20 year-old composer Daphne Tayo has never strayed far from nature and her environment. From an early age, Daphne's improvised music would capture the sights, sounds and emotions of everyday experience, often inspired by themes suggested by those closest to her. Emerging from a specialised education in music, Daphne's visual relationship to sound has led her to a keen interest in the intersectionality of music, film, dance and a wide range of other creative spaces.

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Aleksey Igudesman

Violonist, composer, conductor, actor, producer, filmmaker, entrepreneur.

Daphne Tayo is one of the most talented composers I have come across in my lifetime. An innate gift for melody is something one cannot learn and Daphne has it in abundance.

Her music is powerful and always creates pictures in one's mind, as the best of music should. The world she depicts in her music is colourful and always fascinating, much like the soundtrack to one's life. 


Matthieu Ricard

Buddhist monk, author, photographer, humanitarian, French interpreter of the Dalaï Lama.

Her music surprises and inspires, with the freshness of youth and the depth of experience.


Gabriela Montero

Pianist, composer, human rights activist.

Daphne is an exceptional young woman and a composer full of talent, imagination, heart, curiosity and enthusiasm. All of these qualities are mirrored in her works and I can’t wait to see how she develops. I’m sure she will surprise us all!


"Your imagination should be used not to escape reality, but to create it"

- Colin Wilson

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